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Do you have a goal or dream that you need some help to make a reality? Maybe you want to start a business, progress in your career or just learn how to say no. Many women have a clear idea of how they want their life to look but they don't have the confidence to make it happen. The women I work with are passionate, determined and want to create a life on their terms, but often end up putting the needs of others first or just lack the confidence to ask for what they want. My program will help you clarify what your goals are, make a plan for success and give you the tools and courage to go after it. It focuses on barriers and negative thinking,  specific to women and is tailored to overcoming behavior that is holding you back. When you finish the course you will be confident, assertive and ready to create the life you want.

Coaching Packages

Women In Business Coaching

Herbal Skin Care

Whether you have a start up idea or an existing business that you want to grow, I can help you create a strategy for success, identify areas for improvement and explore how your own thought patterns and behaviors might be limiting your potential. The package includes an initial planning and consultation meeting followed by 5 x 50 min coaching sessions. The coaching sessions will take place once a month to guide you through your transition and allow time for development and reflection

Cost - £395.00

Is a lack of confidence or self belief holding you back? I am experienced in working with women from different backgrounds and those who have experienced trauma. I will work with you to identify your goals and help you achieve these in a safe environment and at a pace which suits you. We will work together to identify and overcome barriers to success and self limiting behaviors. This is a great program for those who have lost their way, are struggling with self identity and need a boost of self esteem. My recommendation would be 6 x 50 minute coaching sessions but this can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances.

COST £350.00

Confidence Coaching

Herbal Skin Care

Workplace & Corporate Coaching

Herbal Skin Care

I currently coach a number of clients within a workplace environment to increase output and productivity or to address issues with performance. Workplace coaching is a great investment in your staff and can improve retention and job satisfaction. During an initial consultation we will discuss your requirements and agree a format for the sessions. I will provide you with a coaching contract and progress updates at agreed intervals.

Cost - POA
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